Introduction to qualitative evidence synthesis

Health care has moved into a patient-centred approach and consequently, research questions have demanded qualitative methodologies. With the increasing number of research questions being proposed that demand reviews to include qualitative evidence to report on experiences of patients and other stakeholders in health care. Systematic reviews are invaluable in bringing together evidence to answer healthcare questions and to identify existing evidence gaps.

This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to build capacity in the design, conduct, and reporting, of qualitative evidence synthesis. Researchers, clinicians and policy makers in all disciplines will benefit from the skills acquired in this course to understand and explain phenomena related to people experiences, with the best available evidence.

We offer this course as either a 3 day workshop or a 8 week online course.

The courses are facilitated by colleagues at the CEBHC, Cochrane SA, SAMRC, Norwegian Institute of Public Health and KU Leuven

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Primer in systematic reviews and research synthesis

Well conducted, up to date systematic reviews provide best evidence to answer healthcare questions and research synthesis has become a research discipline it is own right, with methods, and a body of scientific research underpinning the methods.

Researchers, clinicians and public health policy makers can use findings from up to date robust reviews to inform their thinking. For researchers, this is an assessment of the gaps in research, and a rigorous sum of all relevant research to inform their research designs. For clinicians, this identifies the most appropriate treatments. For public health policy specialists, this might be a reliable assessment of what is known about the benefits and harms of various public health policies.

With the massive uptake in the methods of research synthesis, there is a need for researchers to know how to identify, read, appraise and interpret systematic reviews.

We offer this course as either a 4 day workshop or a 6 week online course.

The courses are accredited with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Stellenbosch University.

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