CEBHC Partners

We collaborate with a range of academic and other organizations at both national and international level:


Centre for Evidence-Based Practice

We have a MoU with the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBaP) within the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. The CEBaP and CEBHC have worked collaboratively on a number of joint projects which include the conduct of relevant systematic reviews, promoting the use of best evidence and some capacity development initiatives.


Cochrane Africa

Cochrane Africa ( is a network that aims to increase the use of Cochrane evidence to inform healthcare decision-making in the sub-Saharan African region ( CAN builds on years of experience in collaborative projects with southern and northern partners, and on other links with networks in the region. It is organised into three Hubs and the CEBHC and Cochrane South Africa coordinates the Southern-Eastern Hub. We acknowledge funding support from the Effective Health Care Research Consortium ( and Cochrane Central.


Collaboration for Evidence-based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+)

The Collaboration for Evidence-based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+) is part of the Research Networks for Health Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa Funding Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We collaborate with partners in Ethiopia, Germany, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda.



The Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) supports LMICs to build their capacity to generate and use evidence syntheses, through establishing and supporting centers for evidence synthesis in LMIC. We are one of 47 Centers from 25 LMICs from across the globe. In South Africa we work closely with other GESI Centers.


GRADE South Africa Network

The network is advancing the use of GRADE for evidence-informed decision making for policy and practice in South Africa. The Network builds on the extensive research and training experience of individuals within the Network to coordinate and maximize GRADE training, research and guideline activities in South Africa.  It brings together contributors to GRADE within South Africa, to then jointly agree on the priorities and strategies for advancing GRADE activities. CEBHC co-leads the Network.



In collaboration with the international partners, we have been successful in obtaining funding from the UK FCDO to increase evidence-informed decisions to improve health and health care for the poor in low and middle income countries. Research, Evidence and Development Initiative (READ-It) builds on the work of the Effective Health Care Research Consortium.

Students 4 Best Evidence

Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE)

Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) is a growing network of students from around the world, from school age to university, who are interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare. Students 4 Best Evidence is in collaboration with series of organisations to help get evidence-based healthcare into student education.