Strengthening capacity for implementation research

The Centre for Evidence-based Health Care is implementing a programme to strengthen capacity for implementation research in South Africa; funded by the Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research  in collaboration with the Special Programme for Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, and the Special Programme for Research and Training on Tropical Diseases.

This initiative develops the capacity of implementers to identify implementation barriers and opportunities that can be addressed through research. It also facilitates partnerships between implementers and researchers who share the goal of engendering iterative improvements in programme implementation.

The funded projects are related to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and non –communicable diseases.

  • Promoting uptake of ART at CD4 counts greater than 500 – lessons from three facilities in Metro and Rural Sub-districts, Western Cape Province, South Africa
  • Addressing Failure to Initiate TB Treatment
  • Contextualised evidence-based stroke rehabilitation for South Africa
  • Describing end-user guidance needs of emergency care personnel and stakeholders for the successful implementation of the national South African emergency care clinical practice guidelines
  • The effect of adherence clubs on quality of clinic care for HIV+ patients on antiretroviral treatment in the Cape Winelands District
  • Optimising transition of care for HIV positive adolescents: closing the gaps

The CEBHC hosted a protocol development workshop in February 2017 and a data analysis workshop in October 2017 for the six teams. Both workshops were facilitated by experts in epidemiology, qualitative research and biostatistics.

Data analysis workshop 9 to 12 October 2017

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