EBHC Competencies

A set of core and enabling EBHC competencies have been developed and we provided input into Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, graduate attributes project (Figure).

Training Diagram

A wide spectrum of training is undertaken by the CEBHC including:

  • Integrating EBHC knowledge and skills as a core competency in the under- and postgraduate education of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals trained at SU.
  • Training of, and technical support to, postgraduate students at the master’s and doctorate level in conducting high quality systematic reviews – either as a research project for a masters degree or as a component of a doctoral thesis.
  • Training the trainers how to teach EBHC and conduct research in the field of EBHC.
  • Providing support to the MSc Clinical Epidemiology www.sun.ac.za/clinepi and other relevant degree and diploma programmes which incorporate EBHC as a focus.