Research: What we do

The CEBHC focuses on conducting high quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses on topics relevant to the African region; researching the barriers to and facilitators of the uptake of best evidence in healthcare policy and practice; and testing interventions aimed at enhancing evidence-based decision making.

  • Research to inform the COVID-19 pandemic

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    Research Outputs

    Publications in peer reviewed journals.
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    EVidence to Inform South African TB policies.
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  • Cochrane Africa

    A network that aims to increase the use of Cochrane evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Read more

  • CEBHA+

    The Collaboration for Evidence-based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa.
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    The EHCRC aims to increase evidence-informed decision making to improve health and health care for the poor in low- and middle-income countries. Read more


    Evidence synthesis for sustainable development. Read more

    South Africa GRADE Network

    Advancing the use of GRADE for evidence-informed decision making for policy and practice. Read more

  • Health Economics in Clinical Practice Guidelines

    A useful tool to aid healthcare decision making.
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  • Useful Resources

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