KT Workshops

Knowledge translation workshops

Knowledge Translation (KT) seeks to bridge the gap between research and decision-making (and the actors within each). As attention to KT in research, policy and practice grows, so does a need for capacity enhancement in KT knowledge, skills and activities amongst evidence producers and evidence users.

The CEBHC spearheaded the development and accreditation of a foundational course titled Evidence-Informed Decision making: Concept note for a foundational course on knowledge translation that will be followed by a series of affiliated workshops in the future through Stellenbosch University. The curriculum is designed in a way to dovetail the science and art of KT by drawing on principles of adult learning and capacity strengthening that includes: 1) extraction of intuitive and tacit knowledge 2) autonomous knowledge generation 3) practical sessions 4) peer-support and critique 5) facilitator coaching and feedback 6) constant reflection.

The 3-day in-person workshop was offered twice in 2017 (Sept and Nov) with attendance by 37 senior researchers and faculty from universities and research institutes around the country – each leaving the workshop with three completed outputs: a stakeholder matrix, an engagement strategy for their chosen stakeholder and a plan for evaluating the impact of their KT strategy in influencing decision-makers.

Participant feedback

“It is almost disturbing to think that this kind of training is not a more standardised tool being used in research settings, because it would save some time in the end. I’m glad that I was able to attend and learn skills that would enable me to refocus my workload in a more constructive way.”

“Learning the different techniques for engaging with various types of stakeholders.
A great, creative and exciting session – very different to my usual work.