Key Definitions

Knowledge translation A dynamic and iterative process that includes the synthesis, dissemination, exchange and ethically sound application of knowledge to improve health, provide more effective health services and products, and strengthen the health care system
Push efforts Push efforts are lead by researchers or intermediaries where they push research evidence to decision makers
Pull Pull efforts are where decision makers reach out to researchers and request researchers to assist them with a decision
Exchange Exchange efforts are where users and producers of research evidence develop a partnership
Systematic review A systematic review is a review of a clearly formulated question that uses systematic and explicit methods to identify, select, and critically appraise relevant research, and to collect and analyze data from the studies that are included in the review. Statistical methods (meta-analysis) may or may not be used to analyze and summarize the results of the included studies. Meta-analysis refers to the use of statistical techniques in a systematic review to integrate the results of included studies.
Overview of systematic reviews An overview of systematic reviews is designed to compile evidence from multiple systematic reviews addressing the effects of two or more potential interventions for a single condition or health problem into one accessible and usable document..
Evidence informed Policy brief The Evidence Informed Policy Briefs (EIPB) are research syntheses in a user-friendly format, offering evidence informed policy options. The EIPB is to convince the target audience of the urgency of the current problem and the need to adopt the preferred alternatives or strategies of intervention. This type of policy brief involves systematic and transparent efforts to contextualize the results of systematic reviews and to integrate that evidence with setting-specific research results to support well-informed policy decisions. The format recommended is one page with key messages, a three page structured summary, and a 25 page report and a longer technical report.
Clinical practice guidelines Statements that include recommendations intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options.