Evidence Informed Decision making: The Art, Science and Complexity of Knowledge Translation

5 week online Short Course: 1 Sept – 2 Oct 2020


Evidence Informed Decision-making (EIDM) has become a hot topic particularly during COVID-19. The media, the public, practitioners and researchers alike have asked critical questions throughout the last few months.

  • What constitutes “evidence?” and “Whose evidence matters?!”
  • How do we distinguish “good” evidence from “fake news?”
  • Why doesn’t good evidence always lead to good decisions?
  • How are decisions-made?
  • How do we effectively engage key stakeholders?

The Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Department of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, offers this 5 week online short course to provide researchers with a comprehensive understanding of Evidence-Informed Decision Making and the role of Knowledge Translation (KT) to advance this. The practical nature of the course means that delegates will complete 2 critical outputs relevant for their current research or projects (A stakeholder analysis and an engagement strategy for a key stakeholder).


28 hours total course time commitment over 5 weeks

 Facilitators: Dr. Nasreen Jessani1,2,3 and Ms. Lynn Hendricks1,4

1Stellenbosch University, 2Africa Centre for Evidence-UJ, 3Johns Hopkins University, 4KU Leuven


Upon completion participants will receive a Stellenbosch University short course certificate of attendance.


Attendance limited to 25 participants. Cost R985.   

RESERVE YOUR SEAT:  Contact Liesel Esterhuizen, lesterhuizen@sun.ac.za by 17 Aug 2020.


The follow up 5 week online short course on Engaging with Decision makers: Issue briefs for policy and practice is offered soon after (26 Oct -27 Nov 2020) only available to those who have taken this prerequisite

Please see the document link below for further details: