About the CEBHC

The CEBHC is a beacon on the African continent in advancing evidence based health care at a local and increasingly through its collaborations on a more global scale. In a world where the lines between fact, fiction, myth and fake news are blurred, driven largely by internet fabrications, the raison d’etre for the endeavours of the Centre of Evidenced Based Health Care has become compelling necessity.


To be a centre of excellence in advancing evidence-informed health care in Africa and globally


  • To conduct and support relevant systematic reviews and primary research related to evidence-informed health care
  • To enhance evidence-informed healthcare knowledge, skills and practices through training of healthcare professionals and other stakeholders
  • To promote the uptake of current best evidence in healthcare policy and practice
  • To promote the optimal functioning and sustainable growth of the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care

Values and guiding principles

Excellence • Integrity • Credibility • Relevance • Collaboration