2013 Biostatistics Seminar Series



 2013 Biostatistics Seminar Series

    Presented by the Biostatistics Unit, Centre for Evidence-based Health Care



                Supported by the Stellenbosch University Rural Medical Education Partnership Initiative


Duration: 90min

Time: 12.30-14.00

Overarching objective of the seminar series: The objective of this seminar series is to acquaint

participants with topical biostatistical issues. The seminar series will breakdown biostatistical concepts

allowing easy comprehension without use of threatening formulas. Where appropriate, examples

will be used for illustration.

Target audience: This seminar series is targeted at post-graduate students, postdocs and faculty.

However, anyone interested in learning more about biostatistical concepts is welcome.




28 August The Tyranny of Power: sample size considerations A brief review of sample size issues to consider when planning a study. The talk will review the current arguments about using significance testing or confidence intervals to estimate sample size.
25 September Biostatistical wars: Significance testing versus Interval Estimation In this talk, the debate on whether to perform Null Hypothesis Significance Tests (NHST) versus Confidence Interval Estimation will be covered. The presenter will contrast the merits of one over the other.
30 October Recent developments in observational data analysis I Evidence from non-experimental study designs has always been considered inferior to RCTs. Analytic methods that can be used to improve quality of evidence from observational studies will be covered. This talk will cover the popular propensity score method and its application.
27 November Recent developments in observational data analysis II This talk will highlight the use of a class of estimators, inverse probability of treatment weighted (IPTW) estimates, in the analysis of observational studies.

The seminars will be presented by Dr Rhoderick Machekano, Head of the Biostatistics Unit.

All sessions are CPD accredited

Venue: 4053C, 4th Floor, Teaching Block, Tygerberg Campus

RSVP: Lezel Fisher – lezel@sun.ac.za



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